Know about 420: The Important Numbers in Cannabis Culture History

People from every corner of the world are aware of the popular “420,” which refers to the popular date of April 20. Every year advocates of marijuana celebrate the cannabis culture on this particular date despite its legalization in their region. Youngsters dance, smoke pot, and dedicate the day for the appreciation and recognition of marijuana.

Not only do they participate in this event for fun, but they also demand essential information related to cannabis to the government. They also call for the legalization of cannabis together for recreational as well as medical use. While online sites have made it easier for people to buy marijuana online, regions where cannabis isn’t legal yet are witnessing protests for legalization.

In this guide, we’re going to unravel the story that lies behind how the digits got chosen

The Origin

The globally famous 420 movements got recognition from Waldos. In 1971, a group of high school students, Jeffery Noel, Steve Capper, Mark Gravich, Dave Reddix, and Larry Schwartz, coined the name 420. “Waldos” referred to a wall that was just outside the school, where they all used to hang out. All these boys did was to look for cannabis crop, about which they learned from a grower.

Their everyday meeting time was 4:20 pm, just outside the school. Eventually, they chose a name for their mission called “4:20 Louis.” With the passage of time, the term was shortened to “4:20” as they failed in finding the crop. Since then, this term is widely used by smokers as well as a non-smoker to mark the day.

What does it stand for?

It holds different significance for different people. While some feel 420 is the day for having fun and getting high with their friends, others press their demands for the legalization of weed so that they can buy marijuana online or celebrate the legitimation. However, other activists have tried their best to give the day a formal appearance by pushing their political agendas.

Suppliers of marijuana also take advantage of the large gathering by offering their finest quality of weed to thousands of participants. With time, the event has grown a lot and now features big concerts of notable musicians along with a lot of marijuana sponsors or businesses. While some people wait eagerly to attend this super cool event, others choose to stay in and celebrate the day by lighting up a joint with their friends. Regardless of the chaos caused by such events, marketing, and sponsorship, it remains a casual affair.

Myths associated with the 420

Rumors regarding the origin of the digits are circulating all around the world. Here are some of the popular myths about the origin of the name 420 that you shouldn’t believe at all.

  • Chemical compounds

It’s a very popular misconception that the term 420 has arisen from the number of chemical compounds present in cannabis. Even though this statement makes sense, scientists exploring cannabis have stated this claim to be wrong. The actual number of distinctive compounds is around 500, which is pretty close to 420, but it’s not exact, rendering this claim untrue. When you buy marijuana online, you’ll come across all the details related to it, even the chemical compounds.

  • Ideal Time for Planting

There’s no particular time that is ideal for planting cannabis. However, many weed-junkies like to believe that planting should be done at 4:20 pm on April 20 as it’s a suitable time. Growers of weed follow different times in different countries, and there’s no fixed time for planting that’s accepted universally. So, this isn’t the correct explanation for the term “420”.

  • Police Radio Code

Another claim states that 420 was depicting illicit cannabis-related activities, which was used as a radio code by the California police. However, there’s not even an iota of truth to this statement. 420 has never been used as a code to report about the possession or usage of cannabis across the world. On the contrary, 420 was used by the LA police as a code for homicide.

  • Teatime

Several weed lovers feel that 420 is the representation of the afternoon teatime of Holland. It’s believed that natives of Holland consider 4:20 in the afternoon to be the ideal time for tea. People of Holland find it weird as there is no such teatime set by them. Thus, it makes this claim wrong, as well.

  • Celebrity Birth or Death Dates

Even though most people desperately want to believe this, unfortunately, it’s false. Bob Marley’s birthday coincides perfectly with 420. Not just that, it’s also been connected with the demise of Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix. While Jimi Hendrix took his last breath on September 18, Bob Marley was born on February 5. Similarly, Kurt Cobain passed away on April 5, and Janis Joplin suddenly died on October 4. Even though these celebrities have popularized marijuana and made people buy marijuana online, there’s no connection between them and the origin of 420.

  • California Penal Code

This rumor also managed to get into the list of popular stories regarding the origin of 420. There’s no similarity between the Section 420 of California Penal Code and the digits 420. Instead, the section explains the illegal hindrance or obstruction entry on the public land. If you compare Section 420 of different countries, nowhere you’re going to find their association with cannabis.


People who have immense love for cannabis proudly celebrate this day by smoking joints, dancing, propagating the use of marijuana, music, and having fun with their friends. The importance of cannabis has been growing in the lives of people worldwide. Not only for humans, but cannabis is also being used for treating cats and dogs nowadays. Easy availability of cannabis now enables people to buy marijuana online without any trouble. One thing that you’ve to consider before buying marijuana is, whether it’s legalized in your area or not. If it is, then nothing can stop you!

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