Your 101 Guide to Different names of weed and their Etymology!

There are no less than 1200 slang terms used for addressing marijuana. And there are more than hundreds of terminologies, which describe the intoxicated state of a person after he or she has imbibed themselves with marijuana. Learning about the various slangs of addressing marijuana and using the product go hand-in-hand, which is why you should have at least some idea before you go ahead and order weed online.

In the bygone era (just to make it sound a little dramatic though), marijuana was considered as something that shouldn’t be mentioned in the polite society. That is why the high-school-goers in California in the 1970s came up with the term -420, which lead to the declaration of April 20th as the de-facto day for the doobies. In this article, we will describe to you all the commonly used terms to refer to cannabis, which will help you later in browsing through the products available from all across the world and a make an informed purchase.

What is the reason behind using hundreds of words to address marijuana?

As we have mentioned before, the term “420” was first termed by the school going, and the reason behind doing is –to keep the authorities as well as adults for knowing about what that particular term signifies. The first slang was coined in the 16th century, by the ones who didn’t want the authorities to have any idea of what they were talking, which gave rise to using hundreds and thousands of words to refer “marijuana.”

Whenever the adults or the influential people understood a term used for cannabis –it was a sign for the requirement of a new name to address the “elephant-in-the-room.” And a wide variety of people all across the world came up with some new sets of words to discuss “the-one-who-should-not-be-named!” Well, that was certainly a joke, but the reason behind why so many words were used to address just one particular thing –marijuana. Also, you need to understand the fact that –having several terminologies is not what emphasizes the illegality of the product, but it is vice versa.” First, let us know about the etymology about the significant term –cannabis.

The very famous term –Cannabis and its Etymology:

Cannabis word has its root in the Proto-Indo-European origin. As languages evolved over the decades and centuries, we got more ranges of cognates that include “qannabbos” in Hebrew, “konopi” in Czech, and “cannabis” in English. However, the debate about the etymological lineage of some of the names of hemp and cannabis is continuing. The word cannabis is one of the popular terms that are used by most of the people in the world. When you decide to order weed online, you will come across the term cannabis.  

Different Names of Cannabis were termed because of the effects produced by it:

  • Airplane: The term “airplane” is used for weed because it gets a person high. Some of the other closely associated words include –“pocket rocket” and “parachute.”
  • Doobie: It is somewhat related to the other slangs of doobie –defining stupid or dullness
  • Amnesia: This was termed because after consuming marijuana –it makes you forgetful
  • Houdini: This is because the consumer is able to escape reality
  • Good giggles: As it makes you laugh so much
  • Spliff: This word is derived from the verb –spiflicate, which is rather fanciful or a combination of two words suffocate and stifle. Irrespective of its origin the term is used to denote perplexity and confusion
  • Reefer: It is a Spanish word. The Mexican slang to describe when a person is under marijuana’s influence is “Grifo” that refers to frizzy, tangled hair, or similar kind of mental state, which eventually became greefo and then the term reefer was derived

 Different Names of Cannabis that were termed because of difference in Language:

  • da kine: It is a Hawaiian surfing slang, which is commonly used to refer to something which a person often forgets; to be precise to forget a person’s name, the term da kine is used. And since marijuana creates that sense of forgetfulness, it is termed as “da kine.”
  • Aunt Mary: It is a pun that is used for marijuana’s context, such as –Mary Jane, Mary Weaver, Mary Warner, Johnny, and Mary.
  • Ganja: It is derived from the Hindi word for addressing the plant of Hemp
  • Dona Juanita: It refers to “lady Jane” in Spanish, which is a play based on marijuana
  • Marijuana: It is the Spanish name for the weed plant. In the legal US market, many people have tried to take a step away from the term as it was associated with illegal drug trading and, therefore, make use of the word “cannabis.” This is something that you need to remember when you order weed online from any of the US-based or Canada-based companies. They could be specific about the terminologies
  • Muggle: The term has an unknown origin, but the word “muggle-head” was often used to refer to marijuana smokers in the 1920s
  • Rainy day woman: This is basically derived from the song of Bob Dylan’s having a chorus line –“Everybody must get stoned.” This is one of the examples of how creative people can get when it comes to coining terms for cannabis.
  • Thirteen: This is because the first letter in the word marijuana is in the 13th position of the English alphabet.

 Different Names of Cannabis that were termed because people like it:

  • Ace: The meaning of Ace is something similar to superior. And as marijuana imparts that feeling of superiority; hence, the term Ace is used for it.
  • Green Goddess: Green is used for color and Goddess is used because of the experience imparted
  • Baby: An affectionate term for marijuana

Bottom Line:

The number of terms used for cannabis is endless. There is no way in which you can know about them all in just one go. However, in this article, we made sure to mention some of the original terms that will help you get your way through to the world of cannabis. When you order weed online, you might not come across any unofficial words other than marijuana and cannabis. But, you can never know enough about the topic. So we hope that this article must have helped you in knowing about the different forms of addressing marijuana in polite company.

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