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Buy Weed Online In Canada: 3 Criteria To follow

There is no sure way to tell how good an online dispensary is when you buy weed in Canada, but one way you can tell is if they meet certain criteria like a Build Your Own Ounce service. Weed smokers will always have their favorite strains, what they also love is trying new strains as well, because why the hell not. But, how can you when the best deals are usually when you buy an ounce or more. This guide will help you understand why a simple service helps you find the best dispensaries to buy weed online in Canada.

When you buy weed online in Canada, there’s a lot of uncertainty. We get it, you’re sending your hard-earned money to some stranger who’s obviously running an illegal online dispensary in hopes that you will magically receive your hippie grass. I’d be a little concerned too, but there is a silver lining. Since legalization, it has not only become easier to buy weed online in Canada but online dispensaries are working harder than ever to capture your attention so you buy their ganja products. Even so, beware of MOM’s that resort to shady practices like fake reviews and fake lab reports manipulating and enticing consumers like yourself to buy from them.

But besides the fake reviews, there is yet another silver lining. I tell ya, you’re lucky to be able to buy weed in Canada. There is now so much more competition now than ever before, and the best thing about more competitors is that the prices are much lower and the selection is much greater. In comparison to licensed dispensaries that I’ve seen firsthand selling weed that is two years old, you’re living in a golden age of access. However, there is a drawback, you still don’t know if what you buy is really what you’re going to get, which is a major problem for consumers, and with so many stores out there, it’s not possible to buy a small amount from each store to test.

Our number 1 rule when buying weed online in Canada is: You should never have doubts when you buy weed online in Canada.

To do this is simple, the next time you check out an online dispensary, pay attention to a number of things. The most important things to notice are:

  1. Quality of copywriting:
    This is huge because many online dispensaries won’t go the extra mile to write their own content let alone product descriptions. Usually when I discover a competitor’s website, I run their copywriting and product descriptions through Google and see what other sites might have the same content. Very often, I can find exact copies on other online dispensaries, and that immediately raises a red flag because a store that cares will do their best to provide the customer a genuine and unique experience, not some copy and paste answer. If they don’t care about their product descriptions, why would they care about the products they carry?
  2. WeedMaps and Leafly profiles and reviews:
    This is a big one that often goes underutilized. Good sites will have profiles on these sites, even better ones will have reviews, good and bad reviews.
  3. Finally, A Build Your Own Ounce Service:
    As I mentioned above, managing an online dispensary is a pain in the *ss. There’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to keep a site running like a well-oiled machine. Everything from updating content, managing stock, to packing orders, shipping orders, and even security both online and offline. All of this, and that we haven’t even included marketing. It’s definitely hard work. But time and effort are required to make it run smoothly and one thing that takes a lot of time and effort is managing a Build Your Own Ounce service.

    Every week, we receive and test new strains of premium cannabis and it’s tiring testing all these strains. After all that testing and we’ve chosen our favorites, we endure the grueling task of uploading each and every strain we just purchased onto our store. But it doesn’t end there, once uploaded we have to link these same strains, to all the other strains we carry, adding each deal by one by one. It’s a love-hate relationship because we love the business but hate the work, yet we know it is what our customers want and customers are almost always right.

Now you know how to quickly judge an online dispensary when you buy weed online in Canada. Pay attention to these small details so that you can take to protect yourself from getting scammed. Money is precious especially during these uncertain times, so spend it wisely. At Budmart, we take the time and effort to provide you a great experience, from the handcrafted product descriptions to offering premium cannabis products at reasonable prices, we want our customers to have the best experience.

Trust Budmart for your next purchase when you buy weed online in Canada. You won’t be disappointed. Use promo code: BYOO and get an additional 10% off when you use our Build Your Own Ounce service. And if you haven’t tried magic mushrooms yet, we’re offering a promo code: ElonMusk and get 30% off our Golden Teachers.

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